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YouthBytes Complete Collection (DVD)


All 58 episodes of the award-winning series are now available in a DVD Box set! Also includes a printed workbook.

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Start discipling a teen in your life today!

All 58 powerful episodes, hosted by Chad Daniel are now available in a digital set in a DVD box set. Share with your teen, The Telly Awards®-winning series, that redefined Christian teenage television on Daystar®.

The series is systematically structured, starting with understanding and dealing with sin then moving to topics like vision, purpose, character development, peer pressure, teamwork, stewardship, and suicide.

Each episode has a 1-min, 3-min, 6-min version to open up discussions with teens. The half-hour shows are also included plus a 7-13 min directors cut and most DVDs have a fun behind-the-scenes directors commentary.

Also includes a printed workbook that contains a video summary, icebreaker, primary lesson, facts, figures & illustrations, key scriptures, complimentary stories, and discussion questions to review with your teen or youth group after each episode. These are also downloadable for free with individual download or DVD purchases.

Episodes include:

  • Sin City: Vices in Vegas
  • Sin City: SkyDive
  • SnakeBytes: Nature of Sin
  • SnakeBytes: Camouflage
  • Fool’s Gold: Gold Rush
  • Fool’s Gold: Wild West
  • Target Practice: Combat Weapons
  • Target Practice: Missing the Mark
  • Tongue Tied: The Tongue
  • Tongue Tied: Eternal Seeds
  • Run The Race: Short Cut
  • Run The Race: Endurance
  • Essential Ingredients: Cake
  • Essential Ingredients: Leftovers
  • Final Destination: Navigation
  • Final Destination: GPS
  • Chronicles of Egypt I: The Relic (2012 Bronze Telly Winner)
  • Chronicles of Egypt I: Preservation (2012 Bronze Telly Winner)
  • Chronicles of Egypt II: The Tomb (2012 Bronze Telly Winner)
  • Chronicles of Egypt II: The Mummy (2012 Bronze Telly Winner)
  • Soaring High: Taking Off
  • Soaring High: Crash Landing
  • On Track: In Bounds
  • On Track: Out of Bounds
  • All Roads Lead to Rome: Dressed to Kill
  • All Roads Lead to Rome: Pulling Strings
  • A New Dawn in Sicily: Acceptance
  • A New Dawn in Sicily: Betrayal
  • Pirated in Bangkok: Genuine or Counterfeit
  • Pirated in Bangkok: An Audience of One
  • Friendship: Grudge Match
  • Friendship: Foundational Friends
  • Red vs. Blue Conspiracy: Deception (Part 1)
  • Red vs. Blue Conspiracy: Destruction (Part 2)
  • Africa: Rugby
  • Africa: Wildlife
  • Blood Thirsty: Blood
  • Blood Thirsty: Sacrifice
  • Ravenous: Escaping Reality
  • Ravenous: Deceptive Fantasy
  • One More Night with the Frogs: Pursuit
  • One More Night with the Frogs: Futility
  • Snowboarding: Live on the Edge: Coaching
  • Snowboarding: Live on the Edge: Freestyle
  • Death to Suicide: Samurai (2012 Bronze Telly Winner)
  • Death to Suicide: Sea of Trees (2011 Silver Telly Winner)
  • The Road to Damascus: Saul’s Conversion (2012 Silver Telly Winner)
  • The Road to Damascus: Point of View (2012 Silver Telly Winner)
  • The Cambodia Call: Preparation
  • The Cambodia Call: Self Examination
  • The Lost Empire: Ruins
  • The Lost Empire: Killing Fields
  • Traps: The Tar Pits
  • Traps: The Bear Trap
  • Webs of Deception: Tarantula
  • Webs of Deception: Ice Cream
  • Immersion: Descent
  • Immersion: Ascension

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