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After almost 30 years of ministry, I think ISOM can give a little explanation to what Paul the apostle meant when he said “I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.” (1 Corinthians 3:6)

Paul was describing the feeling that ministers get when watching God break into a people group, and how those ministers know in their heart of hearts that even though they worked tirelessly to see the breakthrough… it is still a sovereign move of God.

Were the prayers necessary? Yes. 

Was lots of money spent? Certainly.

Is a move of God as simple as a formula? Not even a little bit.

We all do our part to see His Kingdom come. As proliferates of revelation teaching, we consider ourselves stewards of God’s Word, like Apollos, among the nations. We will always show up to do our job, but only God can give the increase. He alone deserves the praise when a people group begin to experience radical transformation.

Breakthrough Week

This week has been a week full of praise for the increase He is bringing in India. After years of toiling and watering this wonderful nation, we had begun to seriously consider the possibility that ISOM just doesn’t work here. 

But this week shifted everything for us. We have had tons of testimonies pouring in from a partner whose activities we had little knowledge of. It turns out that God has been using ISOM in India for quite some time… Here is what our partner had to say:

“My pastors are on FIRE. They are going for graduations state to state and starting new ones. All in tough, risky places. Amazing!”


Here is one story from a young assistant pastor who recently finished ISOM Training:

“Last Sunday I preached and then I did the altar call. Many people were filled with Holy Spirit and many people got delivered from their sickness.”

Another incredible testimony came to us that said: 

“Praise the Lord! We rejoice in the Lord. Our ISOM students shared the gospel with these seven people and they accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior… and seven got baptized today! Praise the Lord!”

You can see the photo of the baptisms down below!


The following is just a glimpse into some of the images we have been able to collect just this last week.

The quality of the photos (and screenshots) may not be the prettiest, but we think the content will still move you. Our prayer is that they encourage you like they encourage us. Jesus truly is the Desire of the Nations!