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Dear ISOM Friend,

At the time of initial posting, we are officially 7 days away from Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is the day where individuals worldwide participate in a movement of generosity by donating to their favorite non-profits and ministries. 

Leading up to this day, we will be sharing some of the stories of our Spearhead Scholarship Fund recipients and their thankfulness to YOU. Each story is a direct result of our partner’s generosity to sow in to this special fund, and it is our prayer that you would consider giving to continue the work that God is doing!

Our first story is a thank you from Pastor Gethro, in Haiti, who was able to graduate over 30 students and get free community development material as a result of the Spearhead Fund…

I am Gethro Dorelus. I am in Haiti. I am married. I thank God for being able to thank all the donors and the entire ISOM team for this great work.
Since 2014, God has given me the grace of being able to use the ISOM courses and even today.

God called me in 2012 to the ministry and I did not have the means to go to a Theological school! Miraculously, God put ISOM in my hand in 2014. As a result, I begin to study and my life has been personally changed and the anointing of God begins to manifest in my life! I was the first person to be baptized with the Holy Spirit throughout the community with the obviousness of speaking in other languages. It was a revolution! All pastors in the area said that it was not possible and said that I was a false prophet. With the power of ‘Holy Spirit’ I bore witness of Jesus! and despite the slander people start following me wherever I am! Many people were healed, the demons were driven out, two dead were resuscitated, a blind man saw and two cripples were healed, some deaf heard!

Through ISOM, I begin to train new believers and other pastors to study, Many who did not even believe in the Holy Spirit and speak it in other languages were Baptized with the Holy Spirit and now teach the truths they learned at ISOM, Many lives are changed thanks to the people who are trained! The idolaters are converted, the vagrants, the drug addicts, the prostitutes are transformed and became winners of souls for Christ!

You do not know what your gifts have done in my life and others! Many local churches are restoring in more than 8 different areas in Haiti and God continues to work in the lives of many other pastors and Leaders! Where my students come, ISOM is there by their way of life and their teachings, and they continue to make disciples for Christ!

Thanks again! May God bless you more! Let’s continue to help your work is not in vain in the Lord! If I continue to testify, I would need a book to write!

I love You!”

Please be on the lookout for more of our stories from the mission field. If you want to become a part of more stories like this, you can do so by clicking this link to give. Anything you give is greatly appreciated!

God bless,

The ISOM Team