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Women of the World (WOW) 2

Whereas WOW Essential is targeted at messages that pertain to both male and female students, WOW 2 is focused primarily on messages relevant to God’s daughters. This was one of the main reasons WOW was initially created to bring wisdom and answers to topics like eating disorders, mother mentoring, and the loss of a child to miscarriage, to name a few. These recordings are rich with many powerful gems.

This module can be used toward a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

The Value of a Woman

Bobbie Houston

As a Church, we need to place value on womanhood. Beliving in women and seeing their potential draws the favor of God. When women are absent from the equation, relationships, ministries, and careers suffer. In these sessions, Bobbie shares how Hillsong places value on women. She outlines how women can embrace their potential in God.

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Becoming a Mother/Mentor

Lisa Bevere

Women’s divine purpose is being a mother figure in the body of Christ. These sessions provide a candid account of Lisa Bevere’s personal experiences to bring strength, restoration, and wholeness to those who have found themselves in broken places. In this course, you will learn how to navigate conflicts, the authority of mothers, how to mentor the next generation, and God’s restoration of value.

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God’s Secret Weapon

Deborah Cobrae

What is God’s design and plan for women? For women to really get restored and understand what life is all about, they have to find out why they were created. Women who publish God’s Word are a great army (Psalm 68:11). In this course, you will learn about some things that only women can do and why you are God’s secret weapon. 

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HIV/AIDS Education

Dr. Carolyn Klaus, M.D.

Dr. Carolyn Klaus founded Hope In View, a ministry addressing the crisis in a biblical and compassionate way. This is an informative and life-changing overview of HIV/AIDS that every Christian should know. Even though this disease has killed 60 million people, most people do not understand the basic facts about HIV/AIDS. You will learn ten facts about HIV/AIDS, which every church leader should know and be able to teach. 

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Being a Pastor’s Wife

Dr. Betty Price

God says that it is impossible to please Him without faith (Hebrews 11:6). And “Whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith” (1 John 5:4). Faith is very important, and that should cause all of us as believers to walk in victory and be overcomers over every situation that we face in life. In this session, Betty Price shares how she overcame cancer and explains the key strengths you need to be a pastor’s wife. 

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Church-Based Women’s Ministry

Janet Conley

In this session, you will learn about establishing a church-based women’s ministry and the ingredients that are necessary. A church-based women’s ministry is a ministry to young women surrounded by older, wise, and passionate women, where Jesus is the focus, womanhood is celebrated, the potential is developed, and the women are mobilized to make the world a better place. When women connect together, there is a synergy: a multiplier effect. 

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The Holy Spirit

Sue Bryan

Learn how to get ground in God’s Word and develop a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit. In this course, you will learn how to spend time with the Holy Spirit. If you’ve never spoken in tongues, this course is a door-opener to the Holy Spirit’s other gifts, such as a Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, and the gift of healing. 

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Finding Your Calling

Shoddy Chase

God has placed a unique call on each of our lives. He gave each person specific gifts and talents that will further His Kingdom. As you seek God, He will begin to show you the unique call He has for your life. However, He will often have you undergo a time of preparation before you are able to fully step into your calling. When we focus on the everyday opportunities God gives us to minister, He will use us to significantly bless those around us.

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Overcoming Anorexia and Bulimia

Danica Burns

Addictions are able to be overcome. Once God has helped us break free of the strongholds in our lives that are causing the addiction, we will be able to break free of the addiction itself. Danica battled eating disorders for years but found triumph through the Lord. In this session, learn the step-by-step on a journey to freedom from addictions. God will lead us to freedom one step at a time.  

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Communicating with Teens

Dawna Elguera

It can often be difficult for parents to communicate with their teenagers. However, In order to successfully communicate with them, you need to first understand them. In this course, you will learn practical insight on how to better communicate with your teenagers. The goal is an understanding, mutual respect, recognizing their potential, and a loving relationship by teaching them God’s ways. 

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Healing the Hurts of Abortion

Sonia Freeman

Learn the strategy to see men and women work together, side-by-side, so that people can be encouraged, equipped, and empowered. 

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The Making of a Miracle

Barbie Meyer

Nothing is impossible with God. He has an amazing plan for your life. No matter what you are facing, God is in control. He has not forgotten about you. With His help, anything is possible. In this session, learn how God healed Barbie Meyer from a life-threatening illness. 

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Mercy Ministries

Blair Pietrini

God has called us to help alleviate the suffering of humanity. Sometimes, we get so caught up in our own lives that we fail to see the hurting people around us. We need to look for opportunities in our lives each day to help others. Our example will show God’s love and mercy to those who are unsaved. We can be the difference in someones‘ life today. You do not have to have much to help others. All you need is a willing heart.

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Denise Renner

Learn the keys to finding victory when facing spiritual warfare. These nine principles of war are taught in military academies around the world and have great spiritual relevance to the co

God set Denise Renner free from shame and physical affliction. Her amazing testimony of God’s freeing power has helped many realize that they no longer have to be a prisoner to shame. In this course, you will learn clear guidelines for how you can experience freedom from shame in your life.

nflicts faced daily by Christians.

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Overcoming Sexual Abuse

Margaret Stunt

Unfortunately, many individuals around the world have experienced sexual abuse. Many of these victims have a hard time forgiving their abusers and moving on in their lives. However, God has commanded us to forgive. He desires for us to live full lives that are free from shame and guilt. In this course, you will learn how to forgive and be set free from the lies of the enemy and restore our lives to the fullest.

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Women of Wisdom

Joyce Villalobos

A Proverbs 31 woman is a primary example of how to operate in God’s wisdom. By incorporating the characteristics and concepts visible in Proverbs 31, we will be better able to build our families and our lives. As you walk in the wisdom of God, you will be successful in your life.

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Female Friendships

Holly Wagner

Friendships are valuable and critical to our success in life. We were not designed to function on our own optimally. However, in order for us to become good friends, we need to first love ourselves. We all need each other in order to be able to fulfill the destinies that God has given us. The older women need to pass on their wisdom to the younger women. We need to work together in order to fulfill the purpose God has for us. In this course, you will learn how to build and maintain good friendships.

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Becoming Superwoman

Kerri Weems

In life, we are not always able to control our circumstances. However, we are able to control our reactions to these circumstances. We all have the desired outcome in life. However, in order to achieve God’s plan for our lives, we need to learn to live life intentionally. When you base your decisions on God’s Word, He will help you fulfill your destiny.

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Being Single and Happy

Lindsay Willis

Many cultures do not place value on single women. However, single women are extremely valuable in the Kingdom of God. Do not allow the four main hindrances to dissuade you from pursuing God’s plan for you. You are God’s workmanship, and He wants to use you where you are at right now. In this session, you will learn how God wants to use single women to live lives of influence. Through God, we can all live freely and fulfill the call that God has for us.

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