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Trimestre 4

CON joyce meyer ray comfort marilyn hickey y mas



Mentalidad de Desierto

Joyce Meyer

Wilderness Mentalities goes to the heart of Christian victory and living in the promises of God. Joyce Meyer’s openness and humor will bless you and help you understand why her ministry is so loved around the world.

    1. Mentalidades, Visión y Responsabilidad
    2. La Responsabilidad y las Pruebas
    3. La Queja y la Impaciencia
    4. Impaciencia y la Mentalidad de Víctima
    5. La Mentalidad de Víctima y la Lástima Propia
    6. La Autoestima
    7. Comparación, Terquedad y Rebeldia


Desarrollando Líderes

Brian Houston

In Developing Leaders, Hillsong founding pastor Brian Houston deals powerfully with root issues of the heart and how those issues relate to success in ministry.

    1. El Corazón de un Líder
    2. Su Corazón Determina el Curso de su Vida
    3. Su Corazón Determina su Éxito en La Vida
    4. ¿Líderes o Seguidores?
    5. Los Obstáculos a los Visionarios


Como Ser Líder de un
Grupo de Celular

Billy Hornsby

Acting as a compliment to Cell Groups by Larry Stockstill from Trimester 3, is Cell Group Leaders by Billy Hornsby. He gives some advice on how to effectively lead a cell group.

    1. Efectividad


La Reconciliación

Dr. A.R. Bernard

Reconciliation is one of the most profound teaching series ever taught. This will help many believers to appreciate people of other ethnic backgrounds and to deal with issues of racism and prejudice.

    1. La Introducción
    2. Orígenes y Destino
    3. Las Estrategias del Enemigo
    4. Viviendo una Vida en Reconciliación


Evangelismo Personal

Ray Comfort

    1. El Secreto Mejor Guardado del Infierno
    2. El Ateísmo
    3. El Evangelismo Militante
    4. La Conversión Verdadera y Falsa
    5. Cómo Obtener el Fuego de Dios


La Guerra Espiritual

Dean Sherman

In Spiritual Warfare, Dean Sherman has taught this subject for many years with the ministry of Youth with a Mission.

    1. El Fundamento Bíblico de la Guerra
    2. Entendimiento de la Guerra Espiritual
    3. La Oración de Guerra y las Puertas del Infierno
    4. Derribando las Puertas del Infierno
    5. Practicando la Autoridad en la Sociedad


La Autoridad Y
El Perdón

John Bevere

We all want to experience the life God has for us—so why is it so few of us actually do? In a word, offense. Left unaddressed, offense will wreak havoc in our lives, stealing our vitality and thwarting our purpose. It doesn’t have to be this way. Jesus invites us to embrace a new way of living: forgiveness.

When we understand how God created us to live in relation to authority, we position ourselves to know peace, protection, and provision, regardless of what our leaders are or are not doing.

We know these difficult topics to navigate. That’s why we’ve John Bevere will guide you through them


    1. La Trampa de Satanás
    2. Bajo el Abrigo


Victoria Espiritual

Dr. Marilyn Hickey

There are many promises in the Bible, and with each of these promises is a very special benefit, Spiritual Breakthrough. Memorizing these promises found in the Bible is the key for your family, health, finances, ministry, and profession. You can overcome generational curses of the past—the negative patterns from your family history that are repeated in your own life.—by utilizing the powerful lessons in this course by Marilyn Hickey.

    1. Memorización Bíblica Parte 1
    2. Memorización Bíblica Parte 2
    3. Quebrantando las Maldiciones Generacionales

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