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Apostolic-Prophetic Module

Dr. C. Peter Wagner was the one who taught ISOM’s founder, Dr. Berin Gilfillan, about church planting and church growth at Fuller Theological Seminary. James Goll is one of the pioneers in the modern age prophetic movement in the USA.

This module can be used toward a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Dominion Wealth and Social Transformation

Dr. C. Peter Wagner

Learn how the Church can transform society and change nations. This was the last significant recording of Dr. C. Peter Wagner’s epic teaching that was captured less than two years before his passing to heaven. This is truly legacy content from one of Christianity’s greatest thinkers.

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The Seer

James W. Goll

Receiving revelation from God—it is something we all want! Have you ever wished you had a hotline from heaven to know what to do in every situation? You may have thought—I know God speaks in many ways, but how can I be sure what I’m hearing is from Him? What pitfalls do I need to avoid so that I am not deceived? This class will teach you to walk in the supernatural power and guidance of God, with confidence. Not only will you hear Him better, you’ll gain clarity to avoid the traps of the enemy and discern the times in which we live. Lessons include: Surrendering Your Senses to the Holy Spirit, Testing the Spirits, The Spirit of Deception, Exposing Demonic Influences, Avoiding Common Pitfalls, Revelation’s Ultimate Purpose, and more!

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The Discerner

James W. Goll

Intimidation is a subtle, dangerous enemy of faith. It operates quietly in the shadows, causing you to shrink back in fear from your God given destiny to rule and reign in life. Worse, most Christians who suffer from its effects don’t even know it, so they treat the symptoms rather than dealing with the root problem. 

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