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Marketplace 2

When we began building a global collection of marketplace content, we ended up having over 80 sessions of amazing teaching. Marketplace 1 got the first pick of that material, but the bench was so deep that many who have seen both 1 and 2 prefer Marketplace 2. The diversity in this module is extraordinary, from Indonesia to China and from Argentina to Africa to Australia. It’s a wonderful journey.

This module can be used toward a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Warrior Craftsmen

Liz Hawley

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The Spirit of Entreprenuership

Frank Lopez

Learn the concept of mutuality, changing the corporate mentality to focus on equality in all parts of business.

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Overcoming Workplace Challenges in a Post-Christian Environment

Timo Plutschinski

Europe, once the cradle of faith for almost 2,000, now rejects Christianity almost altogether. How can we bring it back into public discourse and restore its value? How can we bring it back into public discourse and restore its value? Timo Plutschinski has discovered keys to solving some of Europe’s most pressing problems, and he is doing it with simplicity, social justice, and sustainability expressed by emerging networks of marketplace leaders.

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Kingdom Wealth

Dr. C. Peter Wagner

You can be a part of God’s great release of wealth! The Bible proclaims the coming day when God will release a great transfer of the world’s wealth into the hands of His people. This course shows how God will bring about a miraculous, worldwide financial transformation so that the Great Commission will be fulfilled and His Kingdom will be established on Earth. You will learn sound mechanisms based on biblical principles for ensuring that gifts are received, stewarded, distributed, and measured for transformational impact.

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Faith in the Media Marketplace

Phil Tan

Are you called to the entertainment industry? Does God care about movies, films, and Hollywood? Phil Tan says, “Yes!” Phil is a living legend, a national gymnastic champion in England, a national martial arts champion, a national dance champion, and a movie stuntman. Then, a divine call to the US, and a leading role in the film industry. Learn how Phil’s daily prayer, simple faith, and gracious spirit have transformed people, scripts, and companies in the entertainment industry.

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Discovering Your Marketplace Assignment

Wende Jones

How do you discover your assignment in the marketplace? Some people seem to know their life’s mission; others are clueless. In this two-part series, Wende Jones will weave personal testimony and insight from her journey to provoke you to persist in your discovery. Once you have discovered your Marketplace Assignment, how can you pick up the pace? There are three keys advantages to supernatural acceleration: home-field, competitive, and resources.

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Changing Culture Through Marketplace Influence

Wez Hone

Why do Christian business people have a reputation for doing the wrong thing and not being good to do business with? How can you turn this around? Wez Hone demonstrates in decades of practice and crystal clear teaching the way to do this. Wez clearly identifies the key changes in the language that you use in dealing with different people and in approaching different opportunities.

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Marketing to Government and Big Business

Sher Valenzuela

Are you a blue-collar worker or a regular employee – but feel called to be an entrepreneur? Sher Valenzuela and her husband were in exactly that situation and started a business, which is now a principal supplier to US Federal Government. In this course, you will learn how you can engage local, state, and federal governments. 

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Sher Valenzuela

Dr. Michael Schluter

Are you looking for procedures, policies, and principles for building a Kingdom society? Look first at Relationships, says Michael Schluter. Master the five “Zones” of relationships, and commit to keeping relationships central to your prayer life, marriage, friendships, business, and ministry. At the final judgment, sheep and goats are separated based on relational justice.

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Using Today’s Technology for Kingdom Business

Dr. Fernando Guillen

In this course, you will learn that you already have the best product to sell: information. You will learn how to use your story to make a difference while getting paid to do so. The Internet is a great source to sell information, whether it’s in written form, audio products, videos, seminars, or coaching. You’ll learn what it will take to make $100,000 a year!

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Marketplace, Government, and Church

Jimmy Oentoro

One-third of our lives are spent in the marketplace. With a huge part of our time on Earth dedicated to business, God cares about your financial future. In this two-part series, you will learn how to look at businesses from a biblical worldview. If you look at your business life from a stewardship mentality, you become more in tune with the vision God has for the marketplace. God wants your business to thrive since you are only a steward over what God has provided. 

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Stewarding Business and Profit

Deepak Mahtani

In this session, you will learn what true stewardship means. Since everything belongs to God, you must learn to become a steward of the time, money, and resources He has given you. By recognizing His authority, having a relationship, and trusting Him, you can become the steward He desires. A true steward is generous, obedient, and thankful.

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Transformational Leadership

Ford Taylor

How can we transform the places we work in? In this session, you will learn that although we base our identity on past experiences, God wants us to be the ones to bring about the tipping point in those around us. It starts with allowing Him to renew how we think, feel, behave, and act. Ford Taylor lays out the steps to rejecting anger, resolving conflict, refusing to gossip, and embracing accountability. 

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The God Account

Robert M. Benedict

This course is a true story of God’s faithfulness to His promises and His people. It is a story of financial and physical restoration amid hair-raising and faith-building experiences—and how God touched many, many people throughout the world in the process. Not only will you find it an exciting story to watch, but you might find yourself establishing your own God Account and profoundly touching others’ lives. 

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Building Business Brand Trust

JoAn Risdon

In this session, you will learn how to increase your business by building brand trust. Since we are all in the people business, establishing trust with customers will ensure they will stay with your company. By delivering what you promise, you maintain consistency. You will learn what brand touchpoints are and what you can do to maximize your workforce by developing people within your company. 

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Influencing Those Who Influence Millions

Larry Reynolds

Over 90% of households in the US watch sports. Internationally, sports have global appeal and a huge fan base and are one of the largest forms of entertainment. Spending the last 30 years in the sports industry, Larry Reynolds has spoken into the lives of countless professional baseball players as an agent and manager. In this session, we will learn just what it takes to influence others. You will learn how not to be afraid of the challenges of life. Building our lives and business on the principles found in the Bible will influence those around us. 

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Projecting Kingdom Values in the Marketplace

Viktor Kostroub

Today, the majority of people do not use their full potential in their daily lives because of a lack of motivation. However, in today’s session, you will learn how to increase dedication in yourself and throughout your company through attitudes such as respect and belief in long-term success. A successful, God-based business depends on your ability to work with the people God has put you with.  With the right motivation, you will be able to turn tasks into your business from a “have to” into a “want to.”

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Transforming Developing Markets Through Business

Paul Szkiler

The Bible is full of men and women who understood the world of business and used their knowledge to make the marketplace prosper. This growth would then spread through to the communities and better the lives of everyone. In this session, you will learn what the Bible teaches on business as well as the basics required to turn the business you have into a thriving market for yourself and your community. 

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The Call to Business and the Call of Business

Dr. Peter Heslam

In this session, you will discover your calling or vocation from a biblical perspective. This lesson will introduce you to the Dutch statesman and theologian Abraham Kuyper and how he was able to envision and implement transformation in the workplace. The goal of this session is that you will be able to catch the vision on what our part will be both individually and communally in affecting cultural renewal in personal lives and work situations in any part of the world. 

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Dr. Andrés Panasiuk

In today’s society, wealth is like a double-edged sword. It can be a great tool for God to use, or it could be the cause of someone’s downfall. The enemy will often deceive us through monetary wealth to derail us from the plan God currently has in place. In this two-part series, we will learn how to identify the common deceptions of the enemy and how to avoid them. We will also learn what it means to be good stewards, the commitment of waiting on God until He calls us to move.

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How Business and Political Power Should Relate

Dr. Clyde Rivers

There is no avoiding the evil that is present in the world. There are inequality and injustice in our governments that keep us from achieving peace. But, God calls us, as individuals, to each do our part using the skills He has given us to make His Kingdom on Earth come forth. In this session, you will learn how to use the principles of God to make our political power as citizens and how our business power relates to one another. 

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Influencing the Influencers

Dr. Gershom Sikaala

The Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil; however, this does not mean wealth itself is bad. In fact, God calls us to prosper so we can help those around us. In this session, Gershom Sikaala reveals how to broaden your influence with others and train them up to do the same. Planting seeds in others will help you realize your purpose on Earth. We must not be afraid to take risks to find out our purpose in the kingdom of God. We lose nothing by stepping out in faith; however, we lose everything by being too afraid to venture out.

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Discovering Bible Economics

Susie Kwok

There are no accidents when it comes to the will of God over your life. God has called you to be mighty on the earth and use the wealth and influence you gain to reach others. In this session, Susie Kwok shares her experiences when she first found God. You will learn the importance of trusting God and using the principles of tithing, specific and direct prayer and being wise with your finances.

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Raising up a Joseph Generation

Kevin Ward

32% of the population of Swaziland is infected with HIV/AIDS, the highest prevalence in the world. This has created a national crisis where many thousands of children have been orphaned, and only 22% grow up with their families. In this session, you will learn the two-pronged approach of coupling community enterprise with community care that transformed a ghost town in northwestern Swaziland into a self-sustaining entity that combines sustainable, innovative enterprises with orphan care for 2,000 of Swaziland’s most vulnerable children.

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The Generational Nature of Kingdom Wealth

Dave Hodgson

In this two-part course, you will see how the economic wisdom given by God in the law to Moses  passed down through to Solomon. You will learn that God’s value system is for His people to think about their lineage and to pass things to their children’s children. You will also see how economic wisdom from Scripture is helping Christian believers in Australia to displace Babylon and to help implement a “just economy” into that nation.

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Kings and Priests

Dr. John Muratori

Less than 30% of Americans go to church, but the majority of us have jobs. In this session, you will learn how to open our eyes to the revival of the business world that God has and how to prepare for it. Jesus wasn’t just a minister; He was also a hard-working carpenter. When Christ came to earth, He radically changed how we view church offices by acting as both a priest and a king and incorporating them into the secular world He was surrounded in.

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