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ISOM Founder’s Interaction

LENGTH 5 Weeks, Once a Week 

Starting January 8, 2022

Join Now Before Spaces are gone

  • For students currently enrolled in ISOM Online and MinistryDegree as well as ISOM alumni.
  • Gain instant access to and personal connections with founder’s Drs. Berin & Lisa Gilfillan as well as like-minded peers so you are developing your network of high performing ministers
  • Designed for ministers and students who want to become change agents in their churches and beyond
  • Develop skills to feel empowered and satisfied so that you want to continue contributing to the ministry field for years to come

  • One-on-one mentor-style lecture and discussion course without the college price tag. Affordable to eliminate price as a barrier to participation

Limit to the first 20 participants


Dr. Berin Gilfillan

He is the Founder and President of Good Shepherd Ministries, International. For more than three years, Berin was the TV Producer for evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, filming and documenting his massive Gospel campaigns. He founded the International School of Ministry (ISOM) which now is the world’s largest video Bible school. The curriculum has been used at more than 20,000 sites in 150 nations to train over 350,000 leaders. His books include The Abraham Promise andPursuing Maturity.

Berin GIlfillan Headshot