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Ministering to Youth

Blaine Bartel

Course Overview

Minstering to Youth emphasizes the importance of having a clear and impactful vision to reach and impact young people effectively. Blaine Bartel outlines God’s plan for the youth, including evangelizing, discipling, and empowering them to make a positive difference in their world. Leadership’s role in shaping the vision is highlighted, along with seven practical steps to turn it into reality. Effective communication, understanding youth culture, and humor are essential in engaging teenagers, while involving the community and using worship, drama, and calls for salvation are emphasized to impact young lives and convey the Gospel with excellence and love.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to develoo a vision that will compel young people to come to Christ
  • How to delegate
  • Learn what is important for young people
  • How to preach to teenagers
  • How to stay current with ever-changing youth culture
  • How to draw many teenagers to your youth group
  • How to plan a youth meeting
  • Praise and Worship for Teens
  • Drama for Teens
  • Call for Salvation for Teens
  • How to advertise your youth group


1. Setting Vision in Youth Ministry

This session emphasizes the significance of having a great vision to reach and impact young people. It outlines God’s plan for the youth and the importance of evangelizing, discipling, and empowering them to make a difference in their world. The role of a leader in shaping this vision is highlighted, along with the need to overcome barriers and continuously improve. The seven steps provided to move from vision to reality involve brainstorming, research, written planning, promotion, team-building, equipping, and continuous evaluation for growth and effectiveness in reaching young individuals for Christ.

2. Leading Leaders to Peak Performance

This session emphasizes the importance of leadership and teamwork in reaching young people effectively. The lesson outlines principles inspired by the story of Jesus feeding a multitude with limited resources, highlighting the significance of compassion and diligence in leading a team. The spiritual principles of mathematics, including addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication, are linked to growth and success. Leadership is described as a cascade of delegation, with guidance on being a great follower before becoming a leader. The importance of identifying and developing faithful individuals as leaders is stressed, and characteristics of unfaithful leaders are outlined. Preparation and training are emphasized to achieve significant results in reaching young people for Christ.

3. Effectively Communicating to Young People

This session underscores the significance of effective communication to move and engage the younger generation in proclaiming the Gospel. The lesson highlights the parable of the sower to stress the importance of making God’s Word understandable and relevant. To effectively reach teenagers, the text advises studying their culture, using appropriate illustrations, staying current with youth culture, and incorporating humor when appropriate. It emphasizes the need to maintain good voice and eye contact, have discipline in teaching, and bring each message to a point of commitment. Additionally, the text encourages adapting the sermon length to hold their attention, ultimately emphasizing the vital role of teaching God’s Word, sharing the Gospel, and personal testimonies in ministry.

4. Planning an Effective Youth Meeting

This session discusses the vision and approach of youth ministries to help youth ministers reach teenagers, focusing on attracting young people to gatherings and teaching them the Gospel effectively. The session includes keys for hosting successful youth meetings, such as making a strong first impression, keeping services dynamic and engaging, and involving the community. It emphasizes the importance of worship, drama, and giving calls for salvation in each gathering. The aims of youth ministry is to impact young lives by combining excellent presentation and commitment to reaching the next generation with the love of God.

Course Preview

Ministering to Youth

Brad Andrews sits down with Dr. Berin Gilfillan to discuss running a youth group. 

About the Instructor

Blaine Bartel

Blaine Bartel was the creator, executive producer, and host of Fire by Nite, the Christian alternative to Saturday Night Live, marketed to teenagers, with comedy sketches, interviews with prominent personalities, musical performances by popular Christian artists, all with an evangelistic focus. He served as host from 1986 to 1992. He returned to host the show in 1994 for the final season. He quickly became one of the most sought-after authorities in student ministries, taking him to more than 30 countries speaking in churches and conferences. In 1996, Blaine and Willie “Gospel Bill” George collaborated on a student outreach called Oneeighty. It would become the largest weekly youth group in America. His book, Little Black Book series, was a best-seller, providing wisdom for young people on dating, money, and how to share the Gospel with their friends.

Jesus resurrected him out of 23 years of sexual addiction. He wrote about it in his book Death by a Thousand Lies. Today he helps other find their own rebirth with private residential coaching at The Abby Retreat Center in Tulsa, Okalhoma. He also has a 60-day freedom coaching challenge plan called The Collective. His small group studies Kathros for both men and teenage boys, helps guys lasting freedom from porn. He also started House of Resurrection, a residential healing center for men, ministers, and marriages suffering from sexual brokeness.

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