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Reaching a New Generation

Willie George

Course Overview

Reaching a New Generation covers various aspects of children’s ministry, including preaching, the role of pastors, the harvest of souls, youth ministry (teens), and the art of storytelling. It emphasizes the importance of effective teaching and holding the attention of children, as well as understanding their unique needs and culture. The focus is on reaching young people for Christ and nurturing their faith from an early age. The course highlights the significance of diverse giftings within the Church and the impact of storytelling as a powerful tool to communicate profound truths. Overall, it encourages believers to engage in children’s ministry with a heart for all age groups and to prepare themselves to effectively share God’s Word with different audiences.

What You’ll Learn

  • The importance of ministering to children
  • The law of hospitality
  • The Great harvest (James 5:7)
  • Preaching to Children
  • Pastoral ministry to children
  • Pastoral ministry to teenagers
  • How to hold a child’s attention
  • Effective storytelling


1. What The Bible Says about Children’s Ministry

The lesson discusses the work that Jesus wanted His followers to do and how He exemplified different ministries during His earthly ministry. These ministries include Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher. Jesus demonstrated each role, showing the importance of diverse giftings within the Church. The lesson highlights the significance of children’s ministry and how Jesus ministered to children, emphasizing the importance of nurturing their faith from a young age. Children’s ministry is essential as it empowers young believers, protects them from spiritual attacks, and fosters a strong foundation in Christ. Jesus’ teachings and actions regarding children serve as a reminder of their value in God’s eyes and the need for dedicated ministry to support their spiritual growth and relationship with Him.

2. The Laws of Hospitality

The lesson focuses on the laws of hospitality, emphasizing the importance of understanding spiritual laws and their impact on our lives. Receiving messengers of the Gospel is a key aspect of hospitality, as it not only blesses the messenger but also brings blessings to the receiver. In the Old Testament, hospitality was practiced and valued, especially towards God’s messengers and prophets. The importance of hospitality within the church is highlighted, from creating hospitality rooms for newcomers to showing kindness to older members. Additionally, the lesson stresses the significance of extending hospitality to children, as they have a great influence and bring rewards to those who receive them. Receiving children with love and special attention helps in growing spiritually and blesses one’s ministry. By understanding and practicing the laws of hospitality, believers can experience God’s blessings and foster a loving and welcoming environment within the church community.

3. The Last Days Harvest

The lesson discusses the anticipation of Jesus’ second coming and emphasizes the responsibility of believers to engage in the great harvest of souls before that time. Drawing parallels to the seasons of planting and harvest, the lesson depicts the Church’s historical journey, from its birth on the Day of Pentecost to periods of dormancy and revival. It emphasizes the significance of the current era, where advanced tools and greater understanding enable the global spread of the Gospel. The focus shifts to the importance of recognizing the ripe crop of souls and the vital role of young people in the harvest. The group discussion explores the impact of reaching the younger generation and overcoming obstacles like cultural biases and financial considerations. Participants reflect on their perception of the current stage in the harvest of the Earth and its correlation to Jesus’ imminent return.

4. Preaching to Children

The lesson emphasizes the importance of preaching to children, emphasizing that without preaching, people cannot be saved. Preaching imparts faith to children and gives them the opportunity to be saved. The study reveals that children are most curious about God at around the age of seven, making it crucial to reach them for Christ during this critical period. The lesson provides important principles of preaching to children, emphasizing the need to relate to their culture, preach for understanding using objects and illustrations, and offer clear invitations for salvation, baptism of the Holy Spirit, and healing. By preaching to children and nurturing their faith, they can become the backbone of the Church in the future.

5. Pastor-Driven Youth Ministry

In this lesson, the focus is on the ministry of the pastor, also known as the shepherd, and his responsibilities towards young people. Pastors are considered elders, not just an office, but a state of character marked by maturity in Christ. They serve as overseers, responsible for all ministries within the church, and have three primary roles: feeding the flock, overseeing them, and setting an example for others. The office of pastor carries an anointing that reaches the people, and the pastor must have a heart for all ministries, giving definition to each. Additionally, the pastor’s role involves turning the hearts of fathers towards their children, recognizing the importance of reaching young people in the church and understanding their unique culture and challenges. By responding to the needs of young people, the Church can grow and fulfill its purpose in Christ.

6. How to Hold a Child’s Attention

In this lesson, the focus is on effectively teaching and holding the attention of children. The instructor emphasizes the importance of teaching both the details and principles of the Bible, allowing God to be the ultimate teacher. Teachers are encouraged to understand the needs of each age group and adjust their approach accordingly. Grouping children based on age and ability is essential, and the lesson provides helpful tips on using repetition, themes, and variety in teaching methods. The instructor stresses the importance of respecting the children’s attention spans and intensity levels to create engaging and impactful lessons, ultimately preparing teachers for effective ministry with any age group.

7. How to Be an Excellent Storyteller

In this lesson, the focus is on the art of storytelling, a powerful tool used by Jesus Himself to convey profound truths. The essence of storytelling lies in communicating a specific truth, much like water held in a container. The rules of storytelling involve knowing the story well, focusing on one main idea, creating suspense, using voices and sound effects, and engaging the audience with questions. Making up stories with relatable characters is encouraged, emphasizing the importance of application and climax in the narrative. Mastering this skill equips teachers to effectively communicate God’s Word to children, teenagers, and adults alike, as everyone enjoys a well-told story that carries a deeper message.

Course Preview

Reaching a New Generation

Brad Andrews sits down with Dr. Berin Gilfillan about pastors role with children and youth ministries.

About the Instructor

Willie George

Willie George is the founding pastor of Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a weekly attendance of over 11,000. He is well known for his role as “Gospel Bill” on the Children’s television program The Gospel Bill Show, from 1981 to 1993. In 1996, he and Blaine Bartel collaborated on a student outreach called Oneeighty. It would become the largest weekly youth group in America. In 2017, George transitioned from his role as Lead Pastor to his son Whit. Today he hosts a podcast called “Faith Roots with Willie George,” mentoring pastors and leaders. He also hosts retreats at Rock W Ranch. He speaks at local churches across the United States, providing counsel and insight. 

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