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Living to Give

Wayne Myers


Living to give must be a way of life and not just something you hear or do occasionally. If we give beyond what we think we can do, it lets our faith create what we want to do for God and His glory. We can trust God, because He is big enough to meet anything your faith demands. Can God? God can and He will, as we believe Him.

What You’ll Learn

  • Secret of a lifestyle
  • Be set free from bondages 
  • Stewardship
  • Going beyond tithing
  • Develop a strong spiritual eyesight
  • Exchange the earthly for the heavenly
  • Live beyond the possible


1. The Maximum Lifestyle

The lesson emphasizes the importance of a lifestyle based on giving from the heart. By living to bless, serve, and give, following Jesus’ example, believers can experience a new dimension of joy and blessings. The text references examples from the early Church and great missionaries who lived to give. It highlights that giving goes beyond monetary value and can include prayers, visits, and acts of kindness. The message encourages understanding the inseparable link between spiritual life and material possessions, emphasizing the significance of knowing God and doing His will. Tithing is presented as a starting point in stewardship and emphasizes the need for obedience and trust in God’s provision. Ultimately, the lesson urges believers to sow seeds of giving, knowing that everything in God’s hand becomes a harvest.

2.How to Initiate a Lifestyle of Giving

The lesson teaches the importance of living a lifestyle of giving and being a faithful steward of God’s gifts. It emphasizes recognizing God as the true owner of all things and starting the journey of giving with what we presently have. Giving with a grateful heart, right motives, joy, and generosity is encouraged, along with giving in faith, expecting a harvest. The session emphasizes that living to give brings blessings, victory, and abundance in life.

3. Exchanging Earthly Possessions

The lesson focuses on the importance of having a heavenly perspective and living a lifestyle of giving. It compares different spiritual eyesights, from nearsightedness to eagle eyes, to illustrate how Christians should approach their material possessions. The text emphasizes that God blesses us not only for our benefit but also to bless others. It urges believers to lay up treasures in heaven by exchanging earthly possessions for eternal rewards. The lesson highlights the sacrificial commitment of martyrs who gave their lives for their faith in Jesus. Ultimately, the message encourages living to give, serving others, and maintaining an intimate relationship with God.

4. Living and Giving Beyond the Possible

The lesson is centered on living and giving beyond the possible, exemplified by faith heroes throughout history and in the 20th century. The text from Hebrews 10:35 to 11:6 serves as the foundation for understanding the power of faith. The speaker emphasizes that God seeks individuals who will live beyond their limitations, demonstrating faith that can change circumstances and perform miracles. Numerous examples, including miracles in Egypt, crossing the Red Sea, and modern-day miracles, highlight the effectiveness of faith in God. The audience is challenged to step into a new dimension of living and embrace creative faith giving, trusting in God’s promises and living obediently by faith. Personal experiences further illustrate the impact of living and giving beyond the possible.

5. Can God? God Can!

The lesson emphasizes the bigness of God and His ability to meet any demand of faith. It starts by acknowledging the prevalence of unbelief in the world, drawing parallels with the doubts of the Israelites in the wilderness despite witnessing miracles. The text highlights various testimonies from the Word of God and illustrates God’s bigness in creation, redemption, prayer, provision, and protection. Encouraging trust in God, the lesson reminds us that no problem is too big for Him to solve and that faith, coupled with action, is the key to experiencing God’s power. The conclusion urges us to look to God for all our needs, as He is greater than we can imagine and abundantly able to meet our requirements.

Course Preview

Living to Give

Brad Andrews sits down with Dr. Berin Gilfillan to discuss giving. 

About the Instructor

Wayne Myers

Wayne and Martha Myers are the founders and faithful directors of the Great Commission Evangelistic Association. They have served as missionaries and mentors to many leaders throughout the world. They have lived in Mexico for more than 70 years. Today they continue to influence through their leadership and advice. Wayne was saved at the age of fourteen years in a Baptist Church in Central Mississippi, United States.

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