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Christ Connection

Dr. T.L. Osborn

Course Overview

The greatest revelation in the New Testament is the Christ Connection, and unless we understand it, we haven’t grasped redemption or the essence of the Gospel. The Christ Connection is the bridge between Jesus and believers. Where the Jesus of the Gospels connects with the Jesus of us today. If God is there and we are here then someone is between us. We are connected through Christ. Based on the first for verses of Acts 1, these fundatmental tecahing will help you continue what Jesus began to do and teach. This is the secret of T.L. Osborn’s lifetime of ministry success in six decades.

What You’ll Learn

  • How we can continue the Book of Acts
  • What will give you credibility
  • How big “possible” can be in you


1. Jesus Our Model

This session explores the significance of the Christ Connection, the core concept in Christianity, which bridges the Jesus of the Gospels with the Jesus of today. Emphasizing seven key principles of miracle Christianity, the lessons delve into Acts 1:1-4, connecting Jesus’ ministry with the believers’ mission. Through this connection, believers are empowered to continue Jesus’ work and witness to His love and sacrifice. The book of Acts serves as “our” Gospel, carrying the message of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Preaching Jesus as the Son of God with great power becomes the catalyst for transformation and salvation. The session emphasizes that true Christianity is a life of miracles and intimacy with God, revealed through Jesus’ love and mercy.

2. Jesus Our Inspiration

The Christ Connection emphasizes the vital link between God, humanity, and Jesus, forming the foundation of successful ministry. The lessons explore the power of miracles, signs, and wonders in the Christian faith, demonstrating that faith is not solely dependent on one’s own strength but on the redemptive Word of God. By understanding the Christ Connection, believers become anchored in fundamental principles that transcend popularity and disgrace. Jesus serves as the inspiration and example for believers, guiding them to preach the Kingdom of God and live as vessels for Christ’s work on Earth. The Gospel reveals Jesus as our substitute, taking on our sins, diseases, and guilt, empowering us to be partners with God. Embracing this connection allows individuals to experience the divine and impactful presence of Jesus in their lives.

3. Our Response

The sessions aim to provide essential information about the message and ministry of miracles, based on the first sentence of the book of Acts. Understanding God’s plan and our role in it brings out the best in us. Jesus came to reveal what God is like and show us our potential in God. He died for our sins, rose from the dead, and wants to work through believers to save, heal, and restore others. Our response to this calling is vital, as God’s will is to bring light to the unconverted through us. By knowing God’s plan and responding to His call, we become messengers of power and bring out God’s best in us.

4. Action

The lessons on the Christ Connection are derived from the opening verses of Acts, focusing on the call to action for believers. Emphasizing that all followers of Jesus are chosen and trusted by God, the teachings stress the importance of carrying out His plan. The messages challenge traditional beliefs and encourage men and women alike to understand their crucial role in spreading the Gospel and healing the sick. The transformational power of these truths is highlighted, citing Paul as a prime example of a devoted disciple who embraced the call to action and continued Christ’s work. The lessons inspire believers to put their knowledge into action, fulfilling God’s ordination for their lives.

5. Our Credibility

The Christ Connection is the essential link between Jesus of the Gospels and present-day believers. Based on the first four verses of Acts, these seven lessons emphasize the fundamentals needed to continue Jesus’ ministry. Lesson one centers on Jesus as our model, teaching us to rely on His inspiration and respond with action. Credibility in Christianity rests on the resurrection, empowering believers to preach the Gospel worldwide. With the miraculous as the core of Christianity, we carry the message of hope, proving that a living Jesus can transform lives and make our faith truly credible.

6. Our Legality

This course emphasizes the Christ Connection, the bridge between Jesus and believers. Through the resurrection and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, Christians are connected to God and empowered to carry on the work of Jesus. Credibility in their witness comes from the fact that Jesus is alive and works through them, leading to miraculous manifestations. Understanding this truth is essential for effective Christian ministry, and the lessons encourage believers to think big and recognize the authority they have through Jesus living in them. The focus is on the resurrection of Christ, making the Christian witness credible through the power of God working in and through believers.

7. Experience

The greatest revelation in the New Testament is the Christ Connection, and unless we understand it, we haven’t grasped redemption or the essence of the Gospel. To preach the Gospel effectively, it must encompass four key points: God’s creation, Satan’s deception, Christ’s substitution, and our restoration. These lessons are based on the first four verses of Acts, emphasizing Jesus as our model and inspiration, our response to His commandment, and the importance of taking action. Christianity stands apart from other religions as it is accompanied by miracles, signs, and wonders, confirming its authenticity. The key is to understand the living Christ within us and to believe that with Him, all things are possible, making this Gospel work in our lives.

Course Preview

Christ Connection

Brad Andrews sits down with Dr. Berin Gilfillan to discuss how we can connect Jesus found in the Gospels and Jesus in our lives today.

About the Instructor

Dr. T.L. Osborn

Tommy Lee Osborn was an evangelist, author, and teacher. In six decades of ministry, he is best known for his mass-miracle ministry, where he preached the love and compassion of God and practiced supernatural healings. He was a contemporary of Oral Roberts and Billy Graham. Osborn traveled to more than 70 countries and reached millions of people. The author of numerous publications, he is known for Soul Winning and Healing the Sick.

Osborn went to be with the Lord on February 14, 2013, at the age of 89.

T.L. and Daisy Osborn’s daughter, LaDonna Osborn, continues to operate the ministry, including international crusades in the developing year. 

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