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Trimester 5

Taught by T.L. Osborn, Wayne Myers, Dick Benjamin, Willie George, Jim Wideman, and Blaine Bartel. This trimester explores various important aspects of Christian ministry. The Christ Connection in the New Testament is the essence of redemption and the Gospel. Living to Give emphasizes a way of life, having faith in God’s provision for His glory. Biblical Eldership explores the qualifications and responsibilities of elders in local churches. Reaching a New Generation stresses the importance of nurturing young people’s faith from an early age. Managing for Tomorrow discusses effective engagement and teaching of children, while Minstering to Youth emphasizes a clear and impactful vision for engaging teenagers.

Christ Connection

Dr. T.L. Osborn


7 Sessions

4 hrs

The greatest revelation in the New Testament is the Christ Connection, and unless we understand it, we haven’t grasped redemption or the essence of the Gospel. The Christ Connection is the bridge between Jesus and believers.

Living to Give

Wayne Myers


5 Sessions

2 hrs 28 min

Living to Give must be a way of life and not just something you hear or do occasionally. If we give beyond what we think we can do, it lets our faith create what we want to do for God and His glory. 

Biblical Eldership

Dick Benjamin


5 Sessions

2 hrs 4 min

Biblical Eldership explores the significance of a proper personnel structure in local churches. The course highlights the qualifications and responsibilities of elders, who are appointed to oversee and shepherd the congregation, providing spiritual care and guidance. 

Reaching a New Generation

Willie George


7 Sessions

2 hrs 51 min

Reaching a New Generation focuses on reaching young people for Christ and nurturing their faith from an early age. Overall, it encourages believers to engage in children’s ministry with a heart for all age groups and to prepare themselves to effectively share God’s Word with different audiences.

Managing for Tomorrow

Jim Wideman


4 Sessions

1 hr 41 min

Managing for Tomorrow discusses the effectiveness of engaging children and teaching them God’s Word. Growing children’s ministries needs organization, time management, and alignment with the pastor’s vision. The importance of recruiting, training, and appreciating workers are key to building a successful team for children’s ministry.

Ministering to Youth

Blaine Bartel


4 Sessions

1 hr 35 min

Minstering to Youth emphasizes the importance of having a clear and impactful vision to reach and impact young people effectively. Understanding youth culture and humor are essential in engaging teenagers.

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