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Spiritual Warfare

Dean Sherman

Course Overview

This course explores Spiritual Warfare as a vital reality for every believer, focusing on recognizing the enemy’s strategies, praying in the Spirit, and the Church’s role in offensive and defensive warfare. Emphasizing the importance of equipping with the full armor of God, these teachings encourage believers to stand united, exercise authority, and engage in both shutting gates against the enemy’s access and opening gates to spread the Gospel.

What You’ll Learn

  • The reality of Spiritual Warfare
  • The armor of God
  • Recognizing the enemy’s strategies
  • The Warfare prayer
  • Prayeing in the Spirit
  • Shutting the Gates of Hell


1. The Biblical Foundation

This session explores spiritual warfare as a universal reality and underscores the importance of recognizing the true enemy’s strategies in the spiritual realm. By equipping themselves with the full armor of God and standing united, believers can effectively resist and overcome the forces of darkness.

2. Understanding Spiritual Warfare

This sessions discusses the importance of spiritual warfare and the need to stand against the enemy despite Jesus’ victory over demonic powers. Dean Sherman emphasizes the balance between recognizing the reality of the devil’s existence while focusing on Christ’s triumph, and it offers two approaches to spiritual warfare: direct confrontation with the devil and exalting the Lord through prayer and faith.

3. Warfare Prayer and the Gates of Hell

This session emphasizes that spiritual warfare is an integral part of every believer’s life, extending beyond merely casting out demons and dealing with occult practices. It teaches the importance of praying in the Spirit by yielding to the Holy Spirit’s leading, being empowered by the Spirit, and focusing on the Church’s role in spiritual warfare, including defensive and offensive aspects such as shutting and opening gates in the spiritual realm.

4. Crashing the Gates of Hell

This session emphasizes the need to shut the gates of the mind, heart, mouth, and relationships to protect against the enemy’s access while encouraging taking aggressive action in spiritual warfare to open the gates of structures and reach geographical and people-group areas for the Gospel’s advancement. Understanding these gates allows believers to engage in both defensive and offensive spiritual warfare effectively.

5. Exercising Authority in Society

This session discusses the gates in offensive spiritual warfare, including the gate of built-up sin (strongholds and powers) and the gate of deception and darkness, which blind people’s minds. Dean Sherman emphasizes the authority given to the Church through the keys of the Kingdom, urging believers to listen to God’s strategy and exercise their power by yielding to the Holy Spirit.

Course Preview

Spiritual Warfare

Brad Andrews sits down with Dr. Berin Gilfillan to discuss spiritual warfare.

About the Instructor

Dean Sherman

Dean Sherman worked with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) since 1967, serving as the International Dean for the College of Christian Ministries in YWAM’s University of the Nations. The two most demanded teachings from Dean for over 35 years have been series on Relationships and Spiritual Warfare. He is a respected international Bible teacher, having ministered in 49 states and more than 40 countries. 

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