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Personal Evangelism

Ray Comfort

Course Overview

This course covers various aspects of evangelism, emphasizing the importance of using God’s law to convict sinners, showing the need for repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Ray Comfort highlights the significance of spiritual warfare, producing genuine fruit-bearing Christians, and embracing qualifications like weakness, fear, and trembling before God, while being motivated by love and compassion for the lost.

What You’ll Learn

  • Modern evangelism
  • Proof that athesists don’t exist
  • What true conversion looks like
  • The danger of false converts
  • Qualfications for evangelism
  • The biblical principles for being “on-fire” for God


1. Hell’s Best Kept Secret

This session highlights the decline in effective evangelism due to neglecting the use of God’s law, exemplified by Jesus, to convict sinners of their need for grace and salvation. By presenting the law humbly to the proud and offering grace to the humble, evangelists can bring sinners to repentance and acceptance of the Gospel.

2. Atheism

This session discusses atheism, the evidence for God’s existence, and the limitations of human knowledge. It emphasizes that proving God’s existence is not the ultimate goal in evangelism, but rather showing sinners their need for repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

3. Militant Evangelism

Ray Comfort stresses the significance of understanding the objectives, weapons, and enemies in spiritual warfare for Christians. He urges believers to seek and save the lost, relying on the Word of God and prayer as their weapons, while being aware of the threefold enemy of the world, the flesh, and the devil, with zeal for evangelism stemming from gratitude for Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

4. True and False Conversion

This session highlights the problem of backsliders and false conversions in modern evangelism due to a failure to properly understand and apply the Gospel. Ray Comfort discusses the characteristics of false converts and emphasizes the importance of producing fruit-bearing Christians rather than merely seeking decisions for Jesus.

5. How to Get on Fire for God

This session stresses the responsibility of Christians to evangelize and outlines four qualifications for effective evangelism: relying on God’s power rather than human eloquence, embracing weakness and fear, and having a deep sense of trembling before God. Ray Comfort also highlights three principles for being on fire for God: faith in God’s promises, motivating love for God, and a compelling compassion for the lost, encouraging genuine care and fervent witness for Christ.

Course Preview

Personal Evangelism

Brad Andrews sits down with Dr. Berin Gilfillan to discuss evangelism.

About the Instructor

Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort is a New Zealand-born Christian minister and evangelist who lives in the United States. He started the ministry The Way of the Master with actor Kirk Cameron, teaching the church to more effectively preach the message of evangelical Christianity. The television series aired from 2004 to 2007 with four seasons. He is the bestselling author of Hell’s Best Kept Secret, along with 80 other published books.

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