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Cell Group Leaders

Billy Hornsby

Course Overview

Acting as a compliment to Cell Groups by Larry Stockstill from Trimester 3, is Cell Group Leaders by Billy Hornsby. He emphasizes prayer, hospitality, raising leaders, setting goals, and facilitating meaningful meetings. 

What You’ll Learn

  • How to run an effective cell group
  • How to faciliate a cell group
  • How to engage member participation
  • Cell Group leader responsibilities
  • How to handle problems within a cell group 


1. Effectiveness

This session examines the effectiveness of a cell leader and highlights factors contributing to cell group growth, such as prayer, hospitality, raising new leaders, and facilitating meaningful meetings. Billy Hornsby emphasizes the importance of the Bible, participation, love, and a leader’s responsibility to maintain a successful and thriving cell group.

Course Preview

Cell Group Leaders

Brad Andrews sits down with Dr. Berin Gilfillan to discuss the effeciacy of running a small group

About the Instructor

Billy Hornsby

Billy Hornsby developed the Cell Church Network with Bethany World Prayer Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He also served as president of the Association of Related Churches (ARC) from 2001 – 2011. ARC is a a cooperative of over 1,000 independent churches from different denominations, networks, and backgrounds who strategically resource church planters and pastors to helps them reach people with the message of Jesus. He was also the Senior European Consultant for EQUIP (John Maxwell’s global leadership training organization). His work spanned more than 30 years and took him throughout the United States and around the world. Billy was a respected pastor, teacher, author, and sought-after speaker.

Hornsby went to be with the Lord on March 23, 2011 after a battle with cancer.

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