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Developing Leaders

Brian Houston

Course Overview

Brain Houstson focuses on various aspects of leadership and personal development, including cultivating a positive and faith-filled heart, embracing God’s Word, being accountable, rising above crowd mentality, and fulfilling God’s vision with confidence. These sessions highlight the importance of spiritual growth and character development in becoming effective leaders who positively impact others’ lives.

Although this course is no longer a part of the curriculum, it is still available for purchase.

What You’ll Learn

  • Overcome negativity
  • Overcome a deceived heart
  • The keys to a prosperous sould
  • Accoutabillity
  • Genuine leadership as servanthood
  • Rise above the crowd mentalitiy
  • Overcome pitfalls of analysis, familiarity, religion, unbelief, and fear


1. The Heart of a Leader

This session emphasizes the need for leaders with positive and faith-filled hearts, as negativity reflects inner defeat, justifies itself, and leads to destructive consequences. Embracing God’s Word and cultivating a positive attitude are essential for effective leadership and a successful life.

2. Your Heart Determines the Course of Your Life

This session emphasizes the importance of cultivating a pure and truthful heart for effective leadership and successful living. By allowing God’s Word to discern and address the root issues in one’s heart, individuals can overcome deception, confusion, and negative behaviors, leading to a life aligned with God’s plans and purposes.

3. Your Heart Determines Your Success in Life

This session highlights the significance of a prosperous heart for effective leadership and successful living. By educating and anchoring the soul in God’s Word, being accountable, and boasting in the Lord, individuals can experience God’s pleasure and prosper in all areas of life.

4. Leaders or Followers

This session discusses the essence of genuine leadership, emphasizing the need for servant-hearted, exemplary leaders who rise above the crowd’s mentality. True leadership involves challenging others, leading by example, and giving people something to follow, even if it means stretching and disturbing the comfort zones of those being led.

5. Pitfalls of Visionaries

This session discusses the opposition faced by a man who received spiritual vision after being blind, highlighting the challenges from different groups representing the spirit of analysis, familiarity, religion, unbelief, and fear. Despite the opposition, the lesson encourages individuals to be committed to God’s vision for their lives and not be ruled by others’ perceptions or limitations, but instead, rise up and fulfill their purpose with godly confidence.

Course Preview

Developing Leaders

Brad Andrews sits down with Dr. Berin Gilfillan to discuss leadership development.

About the Instructor

Brian Houston

Brian Houston is an Australian pastor and evangelist. He was the founder and senior pastor at Hillsong Church, based in Sydney, Australia, with a weekly attendance of over 35,000, and locations around the world. He is also an executive producer for Hillsong Music Australia, which has distributed 63 albums, in nearly 90 countries, with sales well into the millions. He was the host of Brian Houston TV, a weekly television program that aired in over 180 countries.

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