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Trimester 4

Taught by Joyce Meyer, Brian Houston, Billy Hornsby, A.r. Bernard, Ray Comfort, Dean Sherman, John Bevere, John Bevere, and Marilyn Hickey. Topics include depression, leaderhsip, cell groups, racisim, evangelism, spiritual warfare, authority,  offense, Bible memorization, and generational curses.

Wilderness Mentalities

Joyce Meyer


7 Sessions

3 hrs 33 min

Joyce Meyer shares her journey of finding life in God’s Word and overcoming wilderness mentalities to embrace God’s plan and blessings.

Developing Leaders

Brian Houston


5 Sessions

2 hrs 17 min

Brain Houstson highlights the importance of spiritual growth and character development in becoming effective leaders who positively impact others’ lives.

Cell Group Leaders

Billy Hornsby


1 Session

25 min

Billy Hornsby helped developed the Cell Church Network with Bethany World Prayer Center. In this course, he emphasizes prayer, hospitality, raising leaders, setting goals, and facilitating meaningful meetings. 


Dr. A.R. Bernard


4 Sessions

1 hr 42 min

A.R. Bernard delves into biblical reconciliation, emphasizing God’s love transcending divisions, urging empathy, equity, and justice in society.

Personal Evangelism

Ray Comfort


5 Sessions

2 hrs 19 min

Ray Comfort emphasizes using God’s law to convict sinners, genuine fruit-bearing, spiritual warfare, and love for the lost in evangelism.

Spiritual Warfare

Dean Sherman


5 Sessions

2 hrs 14 min

Dean Sherman explores Spiritual Warfare, recognizing enemy’s strategies. Praying in the Spirit, exercising authority, and engaging offensive/defensive actions.

Authority and Forgiveness

John Bevere


2 sessions

1 hr 5 min

Beware the trap of offense, practice forgiveness to avoid deception. Submit to God’s authority, respect leaders, and cultivate obedience.

Spiritual Breakthrough

Dr. Marilyn Hickey


3 sessions

1 hr 34 min

Marilyn Hickey emphasizes meditating on God’s Word for success. How to break family curses through repentance and embracing God’s Word.

The Seven Mountain Strategy

Lance Wallnau


5 Sessions

2 hrs 3 min

Lance Wallnau equips leaders to shape nations by understanding authority, occupying key mountains, and manifesting God’s principles for positive impact.

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