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Certificate Program

Our first program consists of three trimesters of instruction. Each trimester’s curriculum is tailored for laying a strong biblical foundation of faith, doctrine, and spiritual discipline that shape each student’s walk in Christ. If a student decides to graduate, they can expect to recieve a Certificate of Biblical Studies, which provides them a strong foundation to build on their next stage of ministry.

Trimester 1

5 courses • 32 Sessions


5 Courses

13 hrs

Taught by Bayless Conley, A.L. Gill, John Amstutz, LaMar Boschman, and John Bevere. Topics include the doctrine of the Trinity, Chrisology, pneumatology, laying on of hands, baptism, the Lord’s supper, the New Testament, Praise and Worship, and the Fear of the Lord. 

Trimester 2

6 courses • 32 Sessions


6 Courses

14 hrs

Taught by Dick Estman, Buddy Bell, Christopher Gornold-Smith, TerryLaw, Bayless Conley, and Bill Winston. Topics inclde prayer, ministry gifts, the Old Testament, divine healing, and tithing.

Trimester 3

10 courses • 32 Sessions


10 Courses

14 hrs

Taught by Berin Gilfillan, Stan DeKoven, Larry Stockstill, Reinhard Bonnke, Jack Hayford, David Shibley, Jim Feeney, Bayless Conley, and Ed Cole. Topics include multiplication, church-based training, cell groups, evangelism, leadership, Church planting, the Holy Spirit, men’s ministry, and altar calls.

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