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Dr. Berin Gilfillan

Course Overview

Dr. Berin Gilfillan, the one whom God has used to bring together the vision of the International School of Ministry (ISOM), shares in this single-session course the vision behind the ISOM and and why the tool of the International Curriculum was produced.

What You’ll Learn

  • Biblical principles of the ISOM
  • The Abraham Promise
  • How to multiply disciples
  • How to multiply leaders
  • How to multiply anointing
  • How to multiply churches
  • How to best use the ISOM


1. Mobilize to Multiply

This session focuses on biblical principles for the International Curriculum, emphasizing the commandment of multiplication, five areas God promises to multiply (Word, disciples, leaders, anointing, churches), and the goal of fostering godly character and reproduction in churches. It encourages wise use of the curriculum, raising faithful disciples, and mobilizing for multiplication.

Course Preview


Brad Andres sits down with Dr. Berin Gilfillan to discuss the vision behind ISOM.

About the Instructor

Dr. Berin Gilfillan

Dr. Berin Gilfillan is a South African-born American minister, international speaker, and author. He is the Founder and President of Good Shepherd Ministries, International. For more than three years, Berin was the TV Producer for evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, filming and documenting his massive Gospel campaigns. He founded the International School of Ministry (ISOM) which now is the world’s largest video Bible school. The curriculum has been used at more than 20,000 sites in 150 nations to train over 350,000 leaders. His books include The Abraham Promise and Pursuing Maturity.

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