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Living by Faith

Dr. Bill Winston

Living by Faith Course Overview

This courses aims to teach Christians to Live by Faith through Dr. Bill Winston’s personal testimony, focusing on supernatural faith as a dominating force. Emphasizing pleasing God, receiving promises, and obtaining blessings. The course highlights the need to release faith through words and actions for miraculous manifestations, emphasizing its deep confidence and assurance.

What You’ll Learn

  • Natural Faith vs Suernatural Faith
  • How to become just
  • How to live by supernatural faith


1. The God Kind of Faith: The Master Key

This session aims to teach Christians how to “live by faith” using Dr. Bill Winston’s life as an example. It explores the difference between natural and supernatural faith, highlighting the latter as a dominating and creative force, akin to a master key. The need for faith is emphasized for pleasing God, receiving His promises, and obtaining blessings. Faith must be released through words and actions to see miracles, and it stems from deep confidence and assurance, not just feelings.

2. Faith and the Word of God

This session explores Abraham as the father of faith and the significance of faith in our salvation. It highlights Jesus as our substitute and the source of our inheritance. Faith is described as a servant to believers, capable of growing and overcoming enemies like doubt. It operates in the spiritual realm, enabling believers to see God’s promises. The kingdom of God is established within each believer, and sowing God’s Word is compared to planting seeds for a bountiful harvest. Ultimately, the lesson emphasizes that the just shall live by faith, allowing God’s Kingdom to work for them in all aspects of life.

Trimester 2


2 Sessions

1 hr 3 min

Recorded: May 1999

Trimester 1

Course Preview

Living by Faith

Brad Andrews sits down with Dr. Berin Gilfillan to discuss how the just shall live by faith.

About the Instructor

Dr. Bill Winston

Dr. William Samuel Winston is the founder and senior pastor of Living Word Christian Center, based in Forest Park, Illinois, with a weekly attendance of over 22,000. His teachings, writings, weekly television, and radio programs are distributed through his ministry Bill Winston Ministries and are aired worldwide via his broadcast program Believers Walk of Faith with Dr. Bill Winston. He has written over 15 books. Winston served for six years with the US Air Force, as a fighter pilot during the Vietnam War, where he won the Distinguished Flying Cross.

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