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Christian Apologetics Module

Understanding how to articulate why you believe in your faith intellectually is an essential skill for every Christian. This module captured some of Christianity’s most renowned apologists and was produced by i2 Ministries, founded by Dr. Joshua Lingel.

This module can be used toward a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Loving God with All Your Mind

Dr. J.P. Moreland

The mind plays an important role in Christianity. Unfortunately, many of us leave our minds behind when it comes to our faith. In this course Love Your God with All Your Mind: For the New Generation, J.P. Moreland presents a logical case for the role of the mind in spiritual transformation. He challenges us to develop a Christian mind and to use our intellect to further God’s kingdom through evangelism, apologetics, worship, and vocation.

To be a follower of Jesus is to express Christ-likeness to others. Those who reflect that likeness should have the skills and savvy to live out their faith confidently and vibrantly amongst a skeptical world, all the while, being able to answer and rebut the most skeptical questions of our time. Loving God with All Your Mind: For the New Generation is about answering these fundamental questions.

In this up-to-date series, Dr. Moreland addresses such issues as: Anti-Intellectualism vs. the thinking Christian, Jesus the greatest intellectual in history, Atheism, Secular Humanism, Post-Modernism and their impact on Western and global culture.

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The Master Plan of Evangelism

Dr. Robert Coleman

Josh McDowell has distributed more than 60 million copies of books on apologetics in the nations. This 12 hour video-course is based on the classical book Evidence that Demands A Verdict. The course addresses the trustworthiness of the Bible and offers historical evidence and supporting attestations for Jesus’ claim to divinity. Josh McDowelll addresses “radical criticism” of the Bible and is devoted to quelling the voice of numerous skeptics, including “a defense for the existence of miracles” and “answers to divergent worldview.” This is a powerfully influential course on apologetics from one of the most prolific apologists of this generation.

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Evidence that Demands a Verdict

Josh McDowell

Christian & Islamic Theological Issues presents a concise 11 hour explanation of these two very different worldviews.  Dr. Tavassoli compares the concepts of God, Man, Christ, and the Scriptures in each worldview, and explains how these differences can be confronted when speaking with our Muslim neighbors.  Presented from the unique perspective of a former Muslim, this class is sure to reveal an inside look into the theological differences between the two faiths.

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