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Fear of the Lord

John Bevere

Fear of the Lord Course Overview

Discover the Key to Intimately Knowing God

What is the fear of the Lord? Why is it important? This course unveil this often-overlooked and misunderstood truth.

The fear of the Lord is the key to the treasures of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge. In this course, John challenges you to reverence God in a way that will transform your daily life.

What You’ll Learn

  • Unlock the treasures of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge
  • Experience deeper intimacy in your relationship with God
  • See more of God’s glory in your church, prayers, and personal life
  • Find purpose and focus


1. Fear of the Lord

This session emphasizes the significance of the fear of the Lord as the foundation for intimacy with God. It outlines how God desires to dwell in believers and walk among them in His glory. The lesson stresses the need for consecration and spending time in God’s presence to avoid the ditches of legalism and lawlessness. It highlights the importance of knowing God intimately through the fear of the Lord and illustrates this concept with examples from the lives of Abraham and Moses, who were considered friends of God due to their deep reverence and obedience to Him.

Trimester 1


1 Session

21 min

Recorded: January 22, 2003


Course Preview

Fear of the Lord

Brad Andrews sits down with Dr. Berin Gilfillan to discuss this course about intimacy with God. 

About the Instructor

John Bevere

John Bevere is a best-selling author and minister. Along with his wife, Lisa, he founded Messenger International, an organization established to teach, reach, and rescue. His books have been translated into over 90 languages and millions of copies have sold, including The Bait of Satan, Driven by Eternity, Under CoverThe Fear of the Lord, Breaking Intimidation, and Extraordinary.

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