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Praise and Worship

Dr. LaMar Boschman

Praise and Worship Course Overview

Best-selling author and contemporary Christian recording artists, Dr. LaMar Boschman provides a clear insight into praise and worship. In these sessions, you’ll learn why we worship, and what worship is. By the end of this teaching, you’ll develop a lifestyle of personal worship, not just on the weekends.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why we worship
  • The Ministry of music
  • Prophetic music
  • The New Song
  • Whoelhearted worship
  • True Worship


1. The Priority, Purpose, and Portrayal of Worship

The lesson explores the significance of worship to the Lord and the responsibility of every believer to prioritize it in their life. The outline covers the priority, purpose, and picture of worship, emphasizing that worship is primarily directed toward God and should not be limited to music or praise alone. It highlights that worship is an expression of love, adoration, and thanksgiving, acknowledging God’s attributes and work in creation and redemption. The distinction of worship is emphasized, as it is a lifestyle and a personal, individual response to God, not dependent on others to perform on one’s behalf.

2. The Role of Music in the Kingdom of God

The lesson explores the Ministry of Music in the kingdom of God, highlighting its scriptural foundation and its role as a powerful, prophetic, and spiritual warfare tool. Kingdom musicians are shown to have the ability to usher in God’s presence, bringing about supernatural results such as deliverance, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and the manifestation of miracles. Music serves as a means of teaching God’s Word and evangelism, glorifying His Name among the nations. Ultimately, the ministry of music in the kingdom of God is centered on exalting the Creator and bringing forth His presence and power through worship and praise.

3. The Significance of the New Song

The lesson explores the significance of the “new song” in the kingdom of God and its role in corporate and private worship. Emphasizing the scriptural command to sing new songs and the supernatural power present in such worship, the text highlights the Holy Spirit’s singing and its connection to being filled with His presence. The new song has been evident in various revivals throughout history and is a universal expression of biblical Christian worship. The conclusion emphasizes that every Christian should sing this praise continually in all aspects of life, as it is the song where God dwells and His manifest presence is experienced.

4. Our Responsibility as Worshippers

This session focuses on the appropriate response of believers to God during worship. It emphasizes the importance of intimate worship, spiritual intensity, and wholeheartedness in our interactions with God. The lesson outlines fundamental assumptions about worship, the need for intimacy with God, the necessity of fervor and excitement in worship, and the example of Jesus and David as wholehearted worshippers. It encourages worshippers to abandon self-consciousness and freely express their emotions, expecting and experiencing the pleasure of God’s presence during worship. The session concludes by urging you to seek and require God’s presence in their lives.

5. How to Become a Worshipper

The lesson explores the essence of true worship and its transformative impact on believers. It emphasizes that worship should originate from the heart, not limited to public gatherings, but a continuous and intimate connection with God. Wholeheartedness, emotional expression, and focus are crucial characteristics of a genuine worshipper. The lesson concludes by highlighting that worship should extend beyond personal experiences, inspiring others to embrace a life of passionate devotion to God. Ultimately, worship is an expression of the believer’s entire life, reflecting a heart devoted to the Creator.

Trimester 1


5 Sessions

2 hrs 15 min

Recorded: February 3, 1995


Course Preview

Praise and Worship

Brad Andrews sits down with Dr. Berin Gilfillan to discuss the course about Praise and Worship.

About the Instructor

LaMar Boschman

Dr. LaMar Boschman is an author, speaker, and worship leader. For over 40 years, LaMar is one of the fathers of today’s worship movement, as an Integrity Media recording artist. He currently serves as an adjunct professor of worship at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, TX. His books include Songs from the Other Side, Real Men Worship, A Heart of Worship, and The Rebirth of Music.

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