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Supernatural Living

Dr. A.L. Gill

Supernatural Living Course Overview

You will establish an intimate relationship with God and discover how to operate in all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. You will eagerly desire, receive and fan these gifts into flame as you enter into new and exciting dimensions of living in the supernatural and doing the works of Jesus with signs, wonders and miracles being a part of your daily life and ministry!

What You’ll Learn

  • The Holy Spirit (Pneumatology)
  • Baptism with the Holy Spirit
  • Spiritual Gifts (charism)
    • Speaking in tongues (glossolalia)
    • Interpretation of tongues
    • Prophecy
    • Discerning of spirits (or Distinguishing between spirits)
    • Word of knowledge
    • Word of wisdom
    • Faith
    • Gifts of healings
    • Miracles


1. The Holy Spirit

This session discusses the gifts of the Holy Spirit as a way of life and emphasizes the importance of knowing the Holy Spirit in a personal and intimate way. It outlines the baptism with the Holy Spirit, the evidence of speaking in tongues, and encourages believers to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit through prayer and faith. The heavenly language of tongues is described as a means of praise and prayer, leading to a transformative and supernatural life for those who embrace it.

2. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

In this lesson, believers are introduced to the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, following their baptism in the Holy Spirit with the gift of tongues. The Apostle Paul emphasizes the importance of these gifts, explaining that they are given to all believers for the edification of the Church. Divided into three categories—vocal inspiration, revelation, and power—the gifts serve to strengthen, encourage, and comfort believers without condemnation. The lesson delves into the significance of speaking in tongues, both as a language of praise to God and as a supernatural message from God to man. It also highlights the value of earnestly desiring and operating in these gifts, guided by faith, hope, and love.

3. The Vocal Gifts

This session focuses on understanding and operating in the vocal gifts of the Holy Spirit, namely tongues, interpretation of tongues, and prophecy. Tongues offer Spirit-filled believers a supernatural prayer language, allowing them to pray with the spirit and the understanding. The Holy Spirit aids believers in their weaknesses and ensures that their prayers align with God’s will. Prophecy, a direct message from God, strengthens and comforts the church. Guidelines are provided for the orderly use of these gifts in a church setting, emphasizing the importance of interpretation for tongues and the need for judgment of prophecies. Seven tests are outlined for evaluating prophecies, ensuring they align with Scripture and glorify God. The conclusion emphasizes waiting for confirmation and the inner witness of the Spirit before delivering prophecies, ultimately fostering edification, exhortation, and comfort among believers.

4. The Revelation Gifts

The lesson focuses on the revelation gifts of the Holy Spirit, namely the gifts of discerning of spirits, word of knowledge, and word of wisdom. These gifts enable believers to receive supernatural insight into the spirit world, discerning the presence and nature of spirits behind people or situations. The discerning of spirits aids in avoiding deception, while the word of knowledge and word of wisdom provide divine insights into specific facts or God’s plan and purpose. Examples from Scripture illustrate how these gifts worked together to guide individuals in their ministry and personal lives. The revelation gifts play a crucial role in preparing believers for effective ministry and guiding them in various situations.

5. The Power Gifts

The lesson on the power gifts explores the manifestations of God’s power through believers, encompassing the gift of faith, working of miracles, and gifts of healing. These power gifts work in harmony with the revelation gifts, emphasizing the importance of training and activating all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit in every believer’s life. The gift of faith is a supernatural empowerment for a specific purpose, ignited by the revelation gifts. Similarly, the working of miracles involves altering or suspending natural laws under divine direction. Numerous examples from the Bible illustrate believers operating in these power gifts, demonstrating that all followers of Christ can partake in these manifestations of God’s power.

6. The Gifts of Healing

The gifts of healing are supernatural impartations of God’s healing power into those who need healing. These gifts work closely with other gifts of the Holy Spirit, and as believers minister healing, they rely on revelation gifts such as discerning of spirits and words of knowledge and wisdom. The discerning of spirits helps identify the root cause of sickness, often connected to demonic influence. Words of knowledge reveal specific ailments and how to minister healing, while words of wisdom guide the approach for effective healing. The gift of faith empowers believers to believe for miraculous healings and creative miracles, and the working of miracles allows them to boldly carry out what they have seen in the spirit realm. Jesus’ example serves as a model for believers, and they are encouraged to embrace and operate in all the revelation and power gifts for effective healing ministry.

7. Healing and the Great Commission

In this session, the focus is on the Great Commission and healing. The Great Commission, given by Jesus to all believers, includes preaching the Gospel to every creature and ministering healing to the sick. Every believer is called to carry out this commission, and signs and wonders will follow those who believe, including the laying on of hands for healing. Jesus’ ministry serves as an example, demonstrating that as believers, we can do the same works He did through the power of the Holy Spirit. The commissioning began with the twelve disciples, expanded to seventy, and now applies to every believer, empowering them to bring the Kingdom of God to Earth through preaching and healing. As believers embrace their role in miracle evangelism, they can reach their cities, nations, and the world with the Gospel before Jesus’ return.

8. The Healing Power of God

The session discusses the healing power of God, emphasizing the importance of faith and the demonstration of the Spirit’s power. Referring to examples from the Bible, such as Jesus and the Apostle Paul, it emphasizes that as Spirit-filled believers, every individual has access to the same power. The key to unleashing this power is activating the switch of faith. Through the story of the woman with the issue of blood, the session highlights how faith, coupled with action and faith-filled words, can release the healing power of God to flow. As believers obediently lay hands on the sick and operate in faith, God confirms His Word with signs following, demonstrating His exceeding and abundant power in and through them.

9. Speaking Words of Healing

In this lesson, the focus is on the power of our words and how they can bring either destruction or life. By speaking the name of Jesus, believers can release healing power and see miracles happen. The authority to use Jesus’ name was given to all believers, and by faith, they can cast out spirits of infirmity and even speak creative miracles into existence. Jesus has entrusted His followers with the power to heal the sick and deliver the oppressed, and this power is activated through faith-filled words and actions. Boldly speaking the Word of God and using the name of Jesus becomes the switch that lets the power flow and brings healing and deliverance.

10. Impartation Through Laying on of Hands

The lesson emphasizes the power of laying hands in faith upon another, leading to a real impartation of God’s power. It explores biblical examples of this practice, such as transferring sin to a scapegoat and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ examples of healing through the laying on of hands are examined, illustrating its effectiveness. Practical instructions for healing are provided, including finding the need, visualizing and releasing healing power, and ministering to large crowds. Hindrances to healing, like doubt and unbelief, are addressed, and the importance of standing in faith for gradual healings is emphasized. The conclusion highlights the believer’s bold witness for Jesus, with signs and miracles following their obedience to preach and share the Gospel.

Trimester 1


10 Sessions

4 hrs 15 min

Recorded: April 21–22, 1995


Course Preview

Supernatural Living

Dr. Berin Gilfillan sits down with Brad Andrews to discuss the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

About the Instructor

Dr. A.L. Gill

Dr. A.L. Gill is the founder of Gill Ministries, which has an emphasis on the power and supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. He has traveled to over 80 nations ministering to as many as 300,000 people in crusades. He has authored 10 Bible Studies that are being used in Bible Schools around the world.

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