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This year, Giving Tuesday is sponsored by:

Spearhead Scholarship Fund


The ISOM program is a global tool with growing demand. We get requests weekly from impoverished, oppressed, or even persecuted people that are many times begging for Bible training but have no other options or way of getting finances. We supply everything we can, but the hunger and desperation for ministry training are only growing.

That’s why we started the Spearhead Scholarship Fund.

If you would like to help with the work in India and Bangladesh, and other parts of the world, please give in this month of November to the Spearhead Scholarship Fund.

Beginning of the Spearhead Fund

In March 2019, while flying home I watched two movies that deeply touched my heart.

The first was Braveheart, the closing scene in Braveheart is of Wallace’s red-haired friend Hamish taking a sword and throwing it spinning through the air, with that hauntingly beautiful Braveheart score in the background, until that sword penetrates, blade first, into the heart of the battlefield. That act of defiance and courage brought victory and freedom to Scotland. I must have watched that spinning sword scene 15-20 times on the airplane. It was like the arrow of God’s deliverance that Elisha had King Joash shoot out of his window in 2 Kings 13:17.

After watching Braveheart, the other movie I saw was Capernaum, a Cannes Film Festival award-winning film about a 12-year-old Syrian refugee called Zain. Nadine Labaki, the film’s director and writer, used a real refugee to play Zain and she filmed this movie on the streets of Beirut in Lebanon. Most of the actors are ordinary people who simply had to just be themselves. Their faces, etched with pain, tell their stories. 

Zain’s life was such a misery that, in the movie, he sues his parents for having given birth to him.

The movie is the most realistic portrayal of the plight of millions of refugees I have ever seen. It reveals a lost generation with no roots and no real identity. I sat riveted for the remaining hours of the flight thinking about the poor, the refugees, the disenfranchised, the destitute and about the arrow of God’s deliverance.

I believe God used these two movies, I watched to begin to birth in my heart the seeds of the Spearhead Scholarship Fund. I felt such a desire to create a fund to thrust a spear of freedom and truth into the hopeless parts of our world. We have the Arabic, Pashto, Farsi, Turkish, Urdu and Armenian languages. We have the technology, being able to deliver content on microSD chips into persecuted places, we have the contact people to work with as many write weekly to me asking for help, we just need the finances.

Please consider helping us spearhead deliverance and truth into these needy regions of God’s harvest.

In Christ’s Love for the Harvest to be Discipled,

Berin and Lisa Gilfillan






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