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The Seven Mountain Strategy

Lance Wallnau


Lance Wallnau’s teachings focus on preparing leaders to shape nations by understanding authority, occupying seven key societal mountains, and manifesting God’s principles in all areas of life. By embracing convergence, honing individual gifts, and fostering emotional intelligence, believers can positively impact society and bring glory to God through their actions.

What You’ll Learn

  • The Seven Mountain Mandate (based from Revelation 17:1–18
  • How to influence nations
  • How to take kingdoms
  • How to identify what mountain you belong to
  • What convergence is


1. The Seven Mountain Strategy

Lance Wallnau focuses on preparing leaders to shape nations by understanding the authority over kingdoms, the influence of seven key mountains (religion, family, education, government, arts, media, and business/economics), and the power to bring God’s Kingdom principles into every aspect of society. The ultimate aim is to manifest God’s glory in nations through the reign of Jesus Christ.

2. Spheres of Influence

Lance Wallnau discusses the two main calls for believers: preaching the Gospel of Salvation to bring people into the Kingdom and teaching the nations everything that Jesus taught. He emphasizes the need for believers to occupy various spheres of influence, or “mountains,” in society to bring positive change and glorify God through the principles of the Kingdom.

3. Journey to Convergence

Lance Wallnau emphasizes the significance of convergence in fulfilling one’s calling and purpose, understanding and appreciating individual gifts, talents, and personality traits. He encourages working together as a team, honoring the diversity in others, to achieve great tasks that glorify God and positively impact the world.

4. Hindrances to Convergence

Lance Wallnau discusses the journey of convergence, where individuals find themselves in the calling and assignment God has for them. Only 20% of full-time ministers achieve this convergence due to confusion over the process, but it involves developing skills, shaping character, and obediently following God’s guidance to reach excellence in their gifts and wisdom.

5. Worldview of Convergence

In this final session, believers are encouraged to take mountains for God’s kingdom and change nations by embracing the “Kingdom message” and developing emotional intelligence. Through faith, obedience, and effective self-management and social skills, believers can make a significant impact and bring about transformation.

About the Instructor

Lance Wallnau

Lance Wallnau is an author, speaker, business consultant, and podcast host. He is the innovator who introduced the “Seven Mountains of Culture” as a fresh template to explain how the church must engage culture at the turn of the century. His company, Lance Learning Group, is a strategic teaching and consulting company based in Dallas, Texas. He hosts The Lance Wallnau Show podcast covering American political activisim. He has co-authored numerous books including God’s Chaos Candidate.

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